Sunday, January 19, 2014

Abstinence Tour of Robert Marshall (1819-1891) – Journal Entry of 19th October 1839

The day was spent in discussing abstinence with several individuals, and in making up Bills for my lecture at night - I had a conversation with Fraser the Publican and with the Parish Teacher, who with a frankness I have seldom met with again granted me the hall to lecture in.  In the evening I went to see the Bridge - the northern part of it had been taken away by a flood and had been repaired with wood in a very substantial manner - The children here all call out when they see me "tee-total" tee-total!"  They little know how I love that name - and what I am ready to undergo for that cause.  I forwarded Bills to Elgin and Forres.  In the evening I lectured to a very crowded and attentive audience for 2 hours, I got a very severe cold on coming out of the Hall, into the open air, the night being frosty - so much so, that when I reached my lodgings, I was unable to speak audibly - I slept this night in a Mrs. Greggors - she was kind to me and did everything in her power to make me happy and I was happy here, more so indeed that I had ever formerly been.

Typed by Betty Kay 11th May 1996, from Dan Marshall’s notes of the original journal.  Permission to reprint granted by Morris Kay, 25, June, 2012.

©2014, copyright Alana Farrell

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