Sunday, May 17, 2009

What good are Census Reports?

My sister told me recently that when the last Census was taken a few of years ago, her youngest son balked out filling it out. His comment was "What good are Census Reports? It's just another way for "Big Brother" to keep his eye on us!" At 20 yrs. old, he is that cynical! She told him that it will help future generations to know more about us and how we lived.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at her house and updating her on things that I had found on our family. I was rattling off information that I had found using the Scottish Census Reports. Her oldest son was in the room and she turned to him and said "You see, that's what Census Reports are good for!"

When the next Census is taken, make sure you fill it out. And try to do it as accurately as possible to avoid giving headaches to your descendants when they are trying to find you!

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  1. I decided when I fill out the next census report I will include my maiden name. This is something I would have never considered before. I wonder if some descendant in 2081 will find it and connect the dots.....But also I have mailed the information to the local Western Pa Genealogy Society and a few other groups, so it will be out there if anyone wants to find it 72 years from now or even sooner.