Thursday, June 3, 2010

1901 Irish Census Now Online!

All thirty-two counties for 1901 are now available online on the National Archives of Ireland website.

I've been waiting awhile for this day as I have quite a few ancestors from Northern Ireland. I had previously ordered an extract from Emerald Ancestors, but it would prove to be a bit costly if I wanted to search for all the names that I have. They also couldn't guarantee that they had the extracts for everyone. So when the 1911 census went online, free, I was quite excited - even if the county I wanted was one of the last to go online.

For the 1901 census, they have released all 32 counties at once. I have done a quick check and have found my grandfather (aged 4) with his family. Will have to wait until the weekend to be able to spend more time looking more thoroughly.

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  1. I haven't spent a lot of time looking in Ireland or england, that source is good to know. Here at your blog, I might learn a little about Canada research too. I have found people who have gone there from usa and from canada down to usa.