Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Three Generations

Everyone says that I look like my mother and that my daughter looks like me. Below are three pictures of my mother, myself and my daughter. Each were taken when we were a year old.

My Mother
Rhona MacDonald Marshall
Taken about 1934

Taken Nov. 1962. The dress was a birthday present. It didn't fit too well, and was taken back to the store right after this picture was taken!

My daughter, Briana
Taken May 1982. This was taken a week before her 1st birthday. You would never know from her expression, but she had just cut her first tooth that morning!

I think I can see a resemblance. Do you?


  1. Alana, these are precious photos, and yes, I do see a big resemblance, how nice you all share the same big smile!

  2. Yep! No question, you're multi-generational triplets!