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Abstinence Tour of Robert Marshall (1819-1891) – Journal Entry of 21st and 22nd September 1839

I seem to have forgotten to post the journal entry last Sunday, so I am posting two days’ worth this week, which is kind of a good thing as the journal entry for September 22nd is rather short!

September 21, 1839

Sent for coach a number of Bills forward to Brechin and Montrose, altogether uncertain whether they would reach or not, as I did not know to whom I should send them.

Having been wrong informed of the hour when the Omnibus for Kirriemuir should start I was disappointed in that conveyance, and had to travel on foot to Kirriemuir.  On the way I called into a house at a place called Padonarm and as usual examined the people on Tee-totalism.  I found them prejudiced against the system through ignorance, so much so that, they told me that "it was a very bad thing to lay any more taxes on the working classes".  On further enquiry I found that, the view they had of Tee-totalism was, that a tax was to be put on every house that had 3 windows.  I explained the principles of total abstinence to them and convinced them that they were just.  I also circulated a few tracts and songs on which the people did not know what to make of me - they made me sit down, and although head and foot of me could have ate, I believe they would have been satisfied.

It was evening till I reached Kirriemuir, my Bills had reached, but the lecture was put off to Monday, as their weekly convivial meeting happens on Saturday - I attended the convivial meeting - the house being a church was crowded.  A hymn commenced the proceedings, after which a tune by the Instrumental band, and a song from any individual who volunteered his or her services, and of these there was no lack alternatively made up all the routine of the amusement of the evening.  I delivered a short address to them, and sang two songs.  This meeting was to me another proof that for man to enjoy himself there was no necessity for intoxicating liquors.

September 22, l839

This being Sabbath I went in the forenoon to the Rev. Mr. Ramage's Chapel and heard a lecture on Eph. 2.ll, l2, l3 & l4 by a Mr. Murray - In the afternoon I attended divine service the Rev. Mr. Buchan's Chapel, and in the evening I went to hear Dr. Easton.

Typed by Betty Kay 11th May 1996, from Dan Marshall`s notes of the original journal.

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  1. Alana, haven't stopped by for a while -- and sorry I am. Enjoyed the bit from Robert Marshall's diary. I love diaries, and I too had "tea-totalism" in my Jabez Burns line, and my g-g-grandfather was a card carrying member of the Sons of Temperance, Caledonia Division, NYC. Interesting world.