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Abstinence Tour of Robert Marshall (1819-1891) – Journal Entry of 4th and 5th October 1839

4th October l839

The whole of the day was spent in study.  In the evening according to appointment.  I lectured in the Methodist Chapel.  The house was not full, although a considerable number were present.  During the lecture a female of the name of McKay who is connected with a public house came to the door and kicked it with her feet.  When the lecture (which lasted about 2 hours) was over, another 5 signed the Pledge.

5th October l839

This day I forwarded Bills to Aberdeen per carrier.  In the afternoon I along with Mr. Rankin Sheriff's Clerk went out in a small boat to the Dilse.  The sea was very calm, but the tide not being retired sufficiently, made the attaining of our object rather a dangerous matter.  We went into a place almost surrounded by perpendicular rocks, and in the form of a cavern.   I believe the cave like place goes a great way into the rock, here we got excellent dilse but could not hold the boat for a sufficient length of time to enable us to stir up a quantity as was purposed.  On reaching the town I went through most of the streets with Mr. Rankin.

In the evening I attended the weekly meeting of the Mason Lodge.  It was crowded to suffocation almost.  I sang 5 or 6 songs and made a short address to them, another 5 names were added to the Society.

Typed by Betty Kay 11th May 1996, from Dan Marshall`s notes of the original journal.  Permission to reprint granted by Morris Kay, 25 June, 2012.

©2012, copyright Alana Farrell

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