Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - My Other Interests

This week's SNGF posted by Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings is to tell about our other interests besides genealogy and family history.

First and foremost is spending time with my family! I also love to crochet but never seem to find enough time to do it. I am currently working on an afghan for my boss, which is taking a long time to do. I am also working on one for myself (although the items for myself always end up on the back burner!).

Reading is another hobby of mine. My favourite authors are Diana Gabaldon and Anne Rice. My favourite books are the Outlander Series (got the newest one for Christmas) and the Vampire Chronicles. I also enjoy reading books by Maeve Binchy. Other than books about vampires (I know, I'm strange!), I don't really have any particular genre that I favour. If it's a good book, I'll pick it up.

The 3rd activity that I am involved in is The Order of the Eastern Star. It is the largest fraternal organization in the world in which both men and women can belong, although it is run by the women. To be a member, the men must be a Master Mason and the women must have a masonic affiliation. My father, uncle and grandfather were all Masons as well as my step-grandfather. My mother, step-aunt and step-grandmother and step-grandfather were all members of the Eastern Star. One of my sisters is also a member.

I was initiated at the same time as my mother, in 1991 and have been an active member since 1994 when I finished taking night classes. I've served in many capacities in my local chapter and am currently serving my eight term as their Secretary. In 2006 I was elected Worthy Grand Matron, which is the highest office one can obtain in the Jurisdiction (quite an honour to be elected by the membership). I am also the editor of the Jurisdiction's monthly newsletter (this is my sixth year doing that). As you can see, the Eastern Star takes up a lot of my time.

Last (and at times certainly least!) is work. I work for a large valve manufacturer as an Executive Assistant and Quotations Administrator for the VP of International Marketing.


  1. My husband just recently became a Mason and I was hoping that I could join Eastern Star. Can you email me to tell me how I join? I live in Champaign, IL.

  2. It is great to see you involved in so many different things, keep up the good work as it is also healthy for the mind

  3. I too am addicted to the "Outlander" series! I am trying to find more time to read in between researching.

  4. Is there a way to find out about past Eastern Star members? My grandmother and maybe her mother were members in Oklahoma.

  5. Hi Hummer. If you contact the Grand Secretary of the Grand Chapter of Oklahoma. She will be able to help you. She should have records of all past members. Her contact info is:

    Shirley A. Niehoff
    1415 N. Walnut
    Guthrie, OK 73044-2003
    Phone: 405-282-1142