Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday - Orphan Photo #5

In going through a box of pictures that belonged to my mother, I've come across a lot of photos of people I don't know. I believe they might be friends and/or family of my step-father, Douglas Sinclair Kay. I'm posting these in the hope that someone might come across them and be able to identify them.

My Step-father was a Scout Leader for the 1st Storer Troup in St. Lambert, Quebec. This picture is of the Court of Honour and was taken on October 4, 1955. Written on the back is:

Left to Right:

A.S.M. Rod Eaves
A.S.M. Fred Horrell
J.T.L. Ian MacDougall
P.L. Clifford Macormack
P.L. Brian Denyar
P.L. Don Bunker
A.S.M. George Gage

Held at S.M. D. Kay's house.

On the bottom of the front of the picture is written: A Storer "Court of Honour".

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