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Abstinence Tour of Robert Marshall (1819-1891) – Journal Entry of 8th and 9th October 1839

8th October 1839

I took a walk through the city and observed in all corners Bills announcing my lecture, and adding "Mr. M. invites discussion".  In the evening I lectured to a very crowded assembly for about two hours.  Several names were added to the Society when the lecture was over.

9th October 1839

I spent a considerable part of the day in walking through the city.  I observed Bills had been printed and circulated for my lecture in the evening which was to be at a place of the name of Buxburn, about 3 or 4 miles distant to the north.  About 6 p.m. I went to the omnibus office, but it was closed(?) and as the meeting was advertised to take place at 7 o'clock there was no help for it but to hire a gig, which I did.  Mr. Morrison went along with me.  There was a large meeting in a grainery loft.  I lectured about 2 hours.  They are a kind but uncultured class here, so much so that they kept on their hats and bonnets during the whole of the lecture.  34 names were added, however, which is proof sufficient that the lectures tell on them.  I reached Aberdeen about half past ten.

Typed by Betty Kay 11th May 1996, from Dan Marshall`s notes of the original journal.  Permission to reprint granted by Morris Kay, 25 June, 2012.

©2013, copyright Alana Farrell

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