Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fearless Females – May Faith Be With You

March 10thWhat role did religion play in your family?  How did your female ancestors practice their faith?  If they did not, why didn’t they?  Did you have any female ancestors who served their churches in some capacity?

In most of my research of my mother’s family, I have learned that they all belonged to the Presbyterian church, which is quite common in Scotland.    Somewhere along the lines though, they switched to the Church of England (Anglican).   On my father’s side, my paternal grandmother (Helen Devlin Farrell) was also Presbyterian whereas my paternal grandfather’s (Robert Farrell) family were all Church of Ireland (which is also Anglican).  Although they all had religious ceremonies at their weddings, I’m not sure how involved they were. However, I do know that my paternal grandparents were quite involved in their church.

My mother was baptized at St. Mary Magdalene's Anglican Church in Dundee, Scotland and took her Confirmation at St. Ninian’s Mission in Dundee.  Her first marriage was in St. Paul's Anglican Church in Balcarres, Saskatchewan, Canada which her second marriage was in St. George's Anglican Church in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, which is now closed.
My mom was very involved in our church, St. Barnabas Anglican Church in St. Lambert, Quebec.  She belonged to the Women’s Afternoon Guild, the Women’s Evening Guild and worked every year at the winter bazaar and the church rummage sale.  She passed on this willingness to serve to my sisters and I.  We all went to Sunday school, and sang in the Church choir.  I served as an Altar Girl, taught Sunday school and set up a children’s library.  Although my oldest sister and I are not as involved anymore, my other sister is still very involved in the same church.

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