Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Abstinence Tour of Robert Marshall (1819-1891) – Journal Entry of 12th October 1839

I was more exhaused last night that I had ever been at any meeting - exceedingly tired.  I never went out of the Hotel.  Cumming kept me company - in the course of the day I conversed with two confirmed drunkards, and got them to sign the Pledge.  In the evening I attended the Convivial meeting in the Hall - it was crowded to suffocation but  I must confess I was not pleased with it - it was too formal and had too much of the theatrical for me.

After the meeting I had a conversation with a Printer, who showed me a very old edition of the Bible. It belonged to the poet Cowper, and had been purchased in Rome.

Typed by Betty Kay 11th May 1996, from Dan Marshall`s notes of the original journal.  Permission to reprint granted by Morris Kay, 25 June, 2012.

©2013, copyright Alana Farrell

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