Thursday, July 4, 2013

Abstinence Tour of Robert Marshall (1819-1891) – Journal Entry of 13th October 1839

Being rather unwell I did not get up till the day was well advanced, when two of the Committee   I afterwards went to a Prayer meeting and delivered an address on abstinence.
waited on me, to request me to hold a meeting at the Cross - there could not be less that 3000 of a most attentive audience - I selected Prov 20.l as text and gave an address of nearly an hours length from it - Cumming made a few remarks - I was completely exhausted, but I went to the Independent Chapel in George Street and heard an excellent Sermon on behalf of the Glasgow Theological Society or rather Academy from Dr. Russel of Dundee.

Typed by Betty Kay 11th May 1996, from Dan Marshall`s notes of the original journal.  Permission to reprint granted by Morris Kay, 25 June, 2012.

©2013, copyright Alana Farrell

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