Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Games Progress Report #2 and #3

Progress Report #2

I didn't get my progress report posted last night as it got to be too late. Most of the day was a washout! Well not really. I entered a lot of information in my database that my Aunt sent me before Christmas in order to send Family Group sheets to a couple of cousins to see if they can help fill in blanks on their immediate family. When I finished that I began working on entering my sources for the category "Go Back and Cite Your Sources!". Unfortunately, I didn't get as many done as I hoped - only 5.

Progress Report #3

Tonight I worked on the category "Write, Write, Write!" I managed to complete two of the tasks for this category:

Task E: In order to "clean up" my blog a little and make it less crowded, I created two pages at the top of the blog (under my heading). In one I have listed all the surnames that I am currently researching. The other is for all the wonderful awards that I have received. I plan to expand on this feature to include Ahnentafel reports (as soon as I get them done) and an "About Me" or "About This Blog" page.

Task F: Participate in a 52 Weeks To Better Genealogy Challenge. This challenge was fun. Once again I got to play around with Google Maps. On the weekend I created a Timeline for my great grandfather and tonight I used the street view to locate the actual houses where he lived. You can read about that here.

Medal standings so far are:

Category 1) Go Back and Cite Your Sources!: 1/2 a Bronze Medal (ha! ha!)
Category 4) Expand Your Knowledge: Silver Medal
Category 5) Write, Write, Write!: Silver Medal

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