Saturday, February 13, 2010

Creating a Surname Cloud

Using Word It Out, I entered most of the surnames that I am researching and created a Surname Cloud. I initially wanted to try Wordle, but couldn't get it to work because I apparently don't have JAVA on my computer.

Not having JAVA caused a little bit of a problem trying to embed the cloud as html, however I was able to do a screen shot and copy it to the paint program and then, after fixing it up a bit, saved it as a jpeg.

This is the end result. Not too bad in my opinion.


  1. I like it. The colors go well with your blog. Why don't you put it on your dashboard?

    I have awarded you a 101 Sweet Award come by and pick it up at

  2. Thanks Hummer. I'm planning on reorganizing the blog and will probably put the surname cloud on my side bar.

    Thanks for the award. Much appreciated.